Monday, 16 September 2013

Explaining my absence!

So it has been a whole six months since my last post!! In that time lots has happened, a visit to Disney, my cards in Harrods, my son starting school and a little trip to London fashion week. For those of you who have their fingers in all social network pies, I have been posting all my adventures on Instagram so follow me there too.  I am even trying a little bit of Facebook!! I will try and keep the blogging going, the lovely guys at That's Brave have been doing a better job thn me. Check out this fab little piece on me on their Blog (big thanks Dave & V!)

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Take to the skies

The lovely guys at That's Brave have been working on new direct mailers to target potential clients.  When I popped over to the offices the other day I spotted this one on the desk ready to go out to an aviation company...

Check out their blog to see the other exciting projects they have been up to.  

I hope you all have mountains of chocolate coming your way for Easter, I'm not entirely sure how the Easter bunnies get about in the snow?? 

Friday, 22 March 2013


Thinking all floral today...even though Spring is struggling to arrive!!

MDS at London West Bank Gallery

Last night I was fortunate enough to make it to the private view of my dog sighs solo exhibition at London West Bank Gallery in Notting Hill.  We were at the front of the queue with some amazing hardcore fans who had been outside braving the cold since 8am!!

Because we were at the some of the first fans in we were able to collect a piece of work that MDS had painted on cardboard. As each piece was removed it revealed a mural behind, which will hopefully be fully revealed by Saturday.  It was a lovely gesture for him to do and I look forward to seeing my hugging man in my office everyday!

The show was absolutely buzzing and it was so amazing to see a throughly lovely guy achieve his dreams and finally being able to make a doing art.  I particularly loved the recent collaboration with the Rust Bucket Workshop, bringing the cans to life into little robots. 

I cannot unfortunately put in all the shots of his wonderful pieces but here are a few of my favourites...


I couldn't resist snapping the typography!!  The show is on until the 31st March so if you find yourself in London make sure you pop along.  The guys at the gallery are great and I spied some fab pieces by Ryca, in particular a collaboration with Inkie which is well worth a look.  Must end with a cheeky pic of my dad with MDS!!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Mother's delight!

I packed my hubby off Saturday night for a few days skiing in Switzerland, so this Mother's day I was wondering what I could do with my little E.  The answer was to eat cake and by cake I mean a huge chunk of Patisserie Valerie cake.  With my dear friend Karl in tow (celebrating his 21st birthday again!) we ate till our tummies burst then decided to have a quick wonder around.

First stop was a little wander around Paperchase, forever hopeful of spotting one of my cards but sadly not this time.  So off I went muttering about 'one day it will happen blah, blah' and headed for a sniff around some books in Waterstones.  I had a little meander through the stationery aisle and a flick through the cards when suddenly out of nowhere I spied this....

ONE OF MY CARDS!!  Yes I did yelp out with joy and did wander around saying 'I just can't believe it!'.  What a Mother's day treat and what a great stockist to add to the list.  It appears dreams can come true if you wish hard enough.

Monday, 4 March 2013


I was lucky enough to attend the new art13 show at Olympia on the VIP preview last Thursday.  It was a fantastic event with loads of wonderful galleries from here and overseas.  I had great fun admiring all the amazing work on show and people watching seeing some great fashion.  I couldn't possibly include all the photos I took but here's a few of my favourites.

Anyone dare take the top one off?!
Paul Stolpher gallery had an amazing selection of work by Peter Blake and Damien Hirst.  The new   James Dean lenticular by Peter Blake was beautiful and the butterflies really came to life.  On the same thing theme I couldn't help snapping Damien Hirst's butterfly offerings.

I also saw a selection of four pieces by Shepard Fairey in black and gold covered in diamond dust.  These will definitely be added to my extensive wish list!!
Chris Levine
The always Charming Baker
The guys from Jealous Gallery were there with a wealth of work from Charming Baker and are preparing for his show in LA.  Unfortunately I will have to settle with seeing it in London!  The pieces above were printed on plywood and a limited edition of 35.  Finally my very favourite pieces of the night were pieces by Zhu Yiyong.  You can check out more work here

Interesting week

Once again I have been slacking from the blog and I have still not managed to post any illustration even though I am tripping over doodles everywhere at home!!  It has however been a fun couple of weeks with a trip to the Brits and a visit to Chelsea Harbour to do some buying.  I have a few art shows that I plan to visit in the upcoming weeks so more exciting adventures to follow!!